You may have forgotten about this one, but recently Gov. Inslee will be spending taxpayer money to remove all "gender-biased" language from state literature, namely, the word "man."

According to state officials, about 40,000 words will have to be changed in state statutes, laws, and any other official state publications.   Besides costing taxpayer money (because somebody gets paid to do this) the lighter side of this move is worth looking at.

Senator Jeanine Kohl-Welles of Seattle (D) who's the brainchild behind this bill that was passed,  said recently, "this is important in changing hearts and minds."   Rather than dwell on what substances may have caused her to think this was a good idea,  look at the funny side!

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blogger, who goes by the name of "Bartosh,"  wrote a column about the bill on the Post-Gazette's site     Listed in the story are some hilarious examples of what would happen if the word "man" were removed or altered from many different sentences in the world of sports. Bartosh writes:

 Imagine the following taking place:
• “… yes, I’m the general individualager of the Winnipeg Jets, and I’m calling about the defenseperson you have on the trading block. I’m interested in striking a deal."

Or this one from football:

“ … the defense is lined up in athlete-to-athlete coverage, which could make it easier for an offensive player to play the role of hero — sorry, make that ‘her-o’ — in this situation …”

Bartosh goes onto say if we pursue this kind of nonsense to the end,  we will now give Good Sportsfigureperson Awards (instead of Sportsman),  those who love to go out in their boat with a pole would be fisherpeople or fisherpersons,   and those in boxing would refer to the capable wound repairer  instead of the cutman.

Makes you wonder if it will be extended to the pulpit.   What would you find to replace a-men when finishing a prayer?  Maybe the PC crowd should take that one up with God.

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