There's a growing movement in other states to push back against a new trend in sports: boys who identify as girls competing in 'girl specific sports'.

There have been multiple stories out of other states where boys who identify as females, or even some transgender athletes, are competing in girls sports, from track to basketball, wrestling and more. Some of these boys have won championships or major competitions.

But now there's increasing pushback from women's groups and female athletes themselves because most of these boys are still athletically bigger, faster, stronger and sometimes superior to their competition. Many female athletes view this participation simply as an 'excuse' just to win at all costs. Lawsuits have been filed, and some school districts are modifying their participation policies.

Rep. Brad Klippert who represents the 8th District (Tri-Cities) in the State House, has put forth a bill that will be considered in the January legislative session. Right now, the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) says students can compete in sports "consistent with their gender identity."

Klippert's proposed bill would add the following language:

(schools) "must prohibit male students from competing with and against female students in athletic activities with separate classifications for male and female students if the athletic activity is (a) intended for female students; and (b) An individual competition sport." 

Currently, the WIAA and Washington state are considered 'gender friendly' by groups who support transgender athletes.  To the best of most people's knowledge, this policy has not been tested in WIAA sanctioned competition. Klippert's bill would require athletes to participate based upon their gender identification at birth.

The legislative session is set to start January 13 in Olympia. This bill would have nothing to do with girls who wish (as girls) to participate in sports only offered to 'boys' such as football, or baseball.

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