It seems everyday we are getting more and more credit card hacks. Pizza Hut is the newest victim and looks like they waited two weeks to tell anyone it happened.

I didn't realize that that there are laws that govern when a company has to tell their customers of a credit card hack. It has left a lot of Pizza Hut customers fuming over the delay. In an article published by the Tri-City Herald, here is the jest of the situation...

According to a customer notice emailed from the pizza chain, those who placed an order on its website or mobile app between the morning of Oct. 1 and midday Oct. 2 might have had their information exposed.

The “temporary security intrusion” lasted for about 28 hours, the notice said, and it’s believed that names, billing ZIP codes, delivery addresses, email addresses and payment card information — meaning account number, expiration date and CVV number — were compromised.

The complete article describes in-depth more details on what Pizza Hut is going to do to fix the security breakdown and if you where affected, you can get details on what you need to do next here -----> Pizza Hut Hack

Its getting more scarier to use a credit card online and trusting that your information is safe.


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