Sometimes they're just too easy! Or, perhaps the suspect should have thought twice before getting stuck and asking police for help.

A 43-year-old man is now in the Benton County jail after he got stuck in the snow Thursday night.

Michael D. Sparks was driving his low-profile car near the 1200 block of West Entiat, when he got stuck in the snow.  CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team) officers who were conducting extra patrols in the area got a report of the car, stuck and spinning it's wheels, making a racket.

They contacted Sparks, and were in the process of helping get his car unstuck, when it came up on the police computer that he was a wanted suspect with an outstanding felony warrant!

Even if they're just helping a driver or motorist, police usually run your plates just to make sure you're on the up and up. Sparks was not, and the result? One of the easiest arrests this year.  Probably an assist to Mother Nature as well.

When he gets out of jail, Sparks might want to re think that method of transportation in the winter.

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