Pasco police continue to investigate a strongarm robbery that occurred late Wednesday evening.

A woman was walking near 5th and Lewis around 10:45PM when she noticed a man lurking behind her on a bike. The man then rode up, grabbed her and groped her through her clothes then grabbed her purse and sped off south on 5th Ave. towards B Street, then disappeared.

Police say the suspect was described as a Hispanic male about 23 years old, 5-09, 138 lbs, dark hair, thin face. He had a dark backpack. He only spoke to her in Spanish and he claimed Surenos gang membership. The missing purse is described as maroon leather, multiple straps, decorated with sequins and a flower. The contents included three wallets, maroon, black, and gray.

According to authorities, Surenos gangs are most prevalent in CA, Arizona and Nevada, reportedly they consider themselves or pledge allegiance to the Mexican Mafia.

Anyone who may have any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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