We know now that the suspect who caused last Friday's shocking crash in Pasco was fleeing police due to outstanding warrants.

The incident began around 11:23AM near the intersection of 20th and Sylvester in Pasco, where an officer attempted to pull over a silver car, due to a traffic violation. But the car, driven by 25-year-old Tyler James May of Kennewick, refused to stop.

Instead he sped up, and then turned onto Shoshone street then, off to an arterial and into a residential area near a park. The officer terminated his pursuit due to safety concerns, but May kept driving at at high rate of speed. When he reached the intersection of 14th, he blew the stop sign and t-boned the blue car (pictured) causing serious injuries to the driver.  The car was spun around 180 degrees. The officer who had called off the pursuit was still trailing back a ways with lights off and saw May jump from his car and flee.

He was chased down and apprehended by other officers. He's facing a plethora of new charges, including possible drug counts. A Benton County Sheriff's Department Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluated May at the scene, no word yet if any impairment.

Pasco Police now say the reason May fled was because he was wanted on a number of outstanding charges, including two arrest warrants, a DOC warrant, and a misdemeanor charge for driving on a suspended license.

Pasco Police said when officers in any jurisdiction terminate pursuit for safety reasons, it's because usually suspects will realize they're not being chased and will slow down. In this case, sadly, the suspect did not.

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