Kennewick Police issued a statement this week, defining what's been going on with several protest groups, including Tri-Cities Justice for George, Jamie and the Justice League, and a new group dedicated to protecting businesses and property from rioters, Defend The Tri.

The statement read in part as follows:

"When people exercise their rights they have a responsibility to do so within the law and to understand there are consequences for not. We are in contact with Defend The TriTri Cities Justice For George and Jaime & The Justice league and we are communicating legal limitations and expectations of each group. We are committed to YOUR Safety. Our goal is that everyone can be heard without violence."

Petty common sense logic, it would seem.  We have our Constitutional rights for a reason, and as long as people stay within the guardrails, the system works.

You will never be without periphery individuals who wish to 'destroy' the system, perhaps hoping to remake it with their ideas. But for the most part in our region you can still differentiate between who the 'good guys and bad guys' are.

A good idea to keep it that way. We don't want our region to end up like Seattle, Bellevue or other locations where everything has gone into the blender, and it's now impossible to unscramble it.

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