Benton County Sheriff's are keeping an eye out for this vehicle between Weber Canyon and Prosser.

The search continues for this likely Toyota Camry with Idaho plates reading "K00" after it was chased briefly by Sheriff's and Prosser Police.

Thursday the vehicle was tailed after residents near Weber Canyon, Badger Canyon and Badger Roads reported a suspicious car slowly driving in the area. A Benton County Deputy responded and tried to stop the car just south of Benton City, it sped off.

The deputy saw the driver or someone in the car throw what appeared to be mail out the window. The Deputy lost contact in the fog on SR 221. But a short time later the vehicle was spotted in Prosser and was chased by police. But the vehicle disappeared this time as well headed into a remote area.

Anyone who sees the vehicle is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. Sheriff's officials say the victims have been contacted, and are working to get the stack of mail to the proper recipients.

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