We've all seen the USPS ads on television: "If It Fits, It Ships." Drug dealers have seen them, too.

USPS inspectors and federal agents say over the last year or two drug dealers are increasingly using USPS shipping services to get drugs and money from point A to point B. Authorities say the dealers are realizing it's much easier to send the drugs using Priority Shipping rather than risk hand-to-hand delivery. Many dealers and operations know there's a chance they are being watched in some capacity by police, so a non-descript package has a better chance of making it and them not being caught.

Oregon officials report recently intercepting dozens of packages containing drugs and money. Usually the dealers will pack the drugs and surround them in the box with other items, place fictitious return address on the label, and away it goes. They can use the internet or a 1-800 tracking phone number to confirm delivery of the box. Last year, USPS inspectors arrested 1,327 suspects who attempted to send drugs or drug money through the postal system and confiscated an astounding 31,000 pounds of drugs.

In one example, Daniel Gorham of Oregon is facing Federal charges for allegedly sending methamphetamines to Alaska by packing them inside a box surrounded by arts and crafts supplies. He reportedly used the Portland Air Mail facility near the Portland Airport to ship the contraband.

It's not just USPS; drug dealers have also made increased use of FedEx, UPS, and other shipping services.    However, the days of having the Postal Service unknowingly support the drug business could be rapidly coming to a close as USPS and other inspectors are using drug sniffing dogs to check thousands of packages every day.

This is not a 'new' phenomenon, but officials report a sharp increase by dealers using 'boxed' shipping, and especially in the Pacific Northwest. One website, onlinepot.org, offers tips on how to safely get your 'cargo' from one place to another via the postal service! Click on the button to see how they suggest it!


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