New Grocery Delivery Service Coming to Tri-Cities---Instacart
Coming February 28th, a new way to get groceries delivered will be coming to the Tri-Cities.
According to information released Thursday, Instacart will be hopefully up and operational by the end of the month.
Instacart is a company that started up in 2015, and was founded by a former Amazon employee n…
Amazon Set to Deliver Your Groceries in Two Hours
A test program has begun in selected cities, and Amazon plans to roll out nationwide grocery delivery service this year.
Amazon Prime members who pay the $99 a year subscription fee, will be able to order and get groceries delivered via their Whole Foods division...
Experts Say Amazon Key Idea Opens 'Pandora's Box'
According to the Tacoma News Tribune, Amazon's new "Key" idea is being test marketed to see if it works. In case you haven't heard, it involves allowing an Amazon delivery worker to unlock your home, drop package inside, then lock and leave. Initially it will only be offe…

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