According to KIRO-TV in Seattle, the state House is considering a bill that would create a home delivery marijuana system in our state, and it would start in Seattle...where else?

" The pilot program would allow five existing licensed recreational marijuana stores in Seattle to offer delivery services to Washington state residents over the age of 21, according to Mayor Ed Murray's office. The pilot program would also provide a framework for delivery requirements, employee training and enforcement.
The bill's first reading was January 12. "

This, according to KIRO-7 TV in Seattle.  Murray's office released a statement along with other marijuana industry officials saying illegal online pot delivery operations are apparently cutting into marijuana sales in larger metro areas in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

If it actually goes into full service we can just image what the bumper stickers on the delivery vehicle will read.  Instead of "driver only carries less than $20 cash"  they will probably say:  "Driver only carries blunts, not real pot cigarettes."

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