Coming February 28th, a new way to get groceries delivered will be coming to the Tri-Cities.

According to information released Thursday, Instacart will be hopefully up and operational by the end of the month.

Instacart is a company that started up in 2015, and was founded by a former Amazon employee named Apoorva Mehta (pictured) and began service in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Mountain View CA. Since then they've grown into the biggest such service, according to their release.

The company currently serves millions of people across America, and has exploded to a value of about $2 billion dollars. The company will be partnering locally with Petco, Albertsons, Safeway Costco and URM Cash and Carry in the Kennewick area.

They also plan in the area of service to deliver to West Richland, West Pasco, Finley and a variety of other areas.

The company can offer delivery in as little as one hour, depending upon which service you select.

On-line grocery order and delivery service has exploded locally as well as across the country. Walmart has seen it's online order and pickup service boom, and Fred Meyer doing well too.

But Instacart focuses not only on the purchase but the delivery of such goods.  They're currently hiring apparently as well. The company initially plans to serve about 78,000 consumers, and appears to be looking to bring in 100 of what they call 'shoppers.'  Forbes in 2015 called them "America's Most Promising Company,"

You can find out more about potential employment opportunities by clicking here.

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