If the folks at Amazon have anything to do with it, in a few years you might be yelling "honey, the blimp's here with our new vacuum and coffee maker!"

According to the British newspaper, The Sun, Amazon recently unveiled some incredible plans for a fleet of delivery blimps, that would bring large-scale items to your home.

The recently filed patents on ideas that involve huge 'fulfillment centers' that hover at 45,000 above the earth, then use blimps or drones to deliver packages ordered online.

The patent was granted in April, but only recently discovered by tech experts and watchers. Although the ideas may be well off into the future, it gives an idea of forward thinking they are at Amazon. Near as they experts could tell from the plans, these airborne centers would be automated, so not likely you could get a gig up in the air. But pretty cool to look at, click here.

According to The Sun, other documents reveal Amazon is working hard on new technologies to protect drones and other aerial delivery platforms from lightning, hackers and even bows and arrows! Wow!

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