Although Richland, Pasco and Kennewick have indefinite bans on the growth, processing and sale of marijuana, and are likely to stay that way, it's legal in the rest of Benton County.

Now, recreational users won't have to drive to Altitude in Prosser or Spokane to get their weed. Green2Go opened recently in Finley, and the owners want to be low-key.

Many didn't even know they were open and they purposely wanted it to be that way. In contrast to the more "tah-dahh!" approach taken by the youthful owners of Altitude in Prosser, Green2Go's owners want their shop to be 'boring' according to the Tri-City Herald.

Their store, located at 214610 East State Route 97 in Finley, opened two years to the day since I-502 went into effect, July 8 2012.

The owners say they haven't had any issues with neighbors, and nobody has picketed their store, although the Finley School District raised eyebrows when they first began to operate as a medical dispensary before opening their store.


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