One of the more 'interesting' pieces of legislation that's actually made it to committee is HB (House Bill) 1019.

Introduced January 11 by Rep. Shelly Kloba (King) who is a Democrat whose District includes Bothell and part of Mountlake Terrace, this bill would allow (from the bill analysis itself):

 "Authorizes adults age 21 and over to produce up to six marijuana plants on the premises of their housing unit, subject to production and possession limits and other restrictions and conditions."

A revised version was in the House Commerce and Gaming Committee. It's been referred to the House Appopriations Committee as of Jan. 26.

The interesting part is, it appears to fly in the face of laws passed when pot was legalized a few years ago. Pot stores sprang up, marijuana possession legalized; but you weren't supposed to grow your own. Part of the reason pot was legalized is the state felt it would generate huge amounts of tax revenue, and that's why the stores have stayed open during the pandemic-tax dollars.

We checked a few sources, including, and this is what the law says:

"Washington's initiative 502 legalized non-medical, recreational use of marijuana by people 21 years of age or older. However, only licensed growers, called “producers” under the law, can legally cultivate cannabis plants for recreational use in Washington."

The text doesn't appear to reference medical use, either.

Some of the bills generated in Olympia never cease to amaze us. To read more about this bill click on the button below.  One of the co-sponsors is Rep. Monica Stonier of Vancouver...yes, Stonier.

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