Rep. John Lovik (D Mill Creek) can now be added to the list of anti gun legislators in Washington state.

House Bill (HB) 1315, which is in committee now, would require anyone who has a concealed weapons permit in Washington state to offer proof they have taken and passed an 'approved' safety course before their permit will be renewed.

From the non-partisan synopsis of the bill itself:

"In order to obtain a concealed pistol license (CPL), a person must provide evidence of completion of a handgun proficiency course developed by the Washington State Patrol (WSP). In addition, the statute governing CPLs is restructured, and the requirement that a CPL include the race and gender of the applicant is removed. The WSP must establish minimum standards for handgun proficiency, develop a course and examinations to measure handgun proficiency, and certify qualified handgun instructors and approved online course providers. The WSP must develop the form and manner of documentation to be provided to a CPL applicant for use as evidence of handgun proficiency"

More red tape, more hurdles, more money for the state government, say critics. One very astute citizen who actually posted a comment on Lovik's legislative site said this bill would actually 'benefit' someone who might be contemplating a gun related crime.

The person posting said such criminals try to fly normal or under the radar, this requirement might give them the opportunity to actually improve their weapon skills--making them that much deadlier.

To read the synopsis (which is FAR easier than the actual bill) click on the button below.

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