Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) has introduced a bill in the Washington State House that gun owners might want to look at.

House Bill (HB) 2808 is short and simple, it reads as follows:

 "...All residents of the state who are legally entitled to possess  firearms under state and federal law have the right to possess the  following specifically identified firearms, as well as any other  firearm that is permitted to be possessed under federal law..."

It then goes on to list 61 different types of weapons including semi automatics--it's basically the list of guns that Initiative 1639 was seeking to ban, including the AR-15.

Five other GOP Reps have also signed on to the bill, it was first introduced January 22nd. We will definitely keep an eye on this one.  It's sure to pick up attention fast.

For a complete look at the bill, it's rather short, click on the button below.

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