As the 2017 Washington State Legislative session gets under way in Olympia, we continue to take a look at proposed bills that catch our eye, either because of their potential impact on you and I, or sometimes because they're just plain weird or different. This one, if passed, would  affect new workers and vacations.

It is headed to committee, and there's no idea if it will make it to the House Floor for a vote, but House Bill 1521 would change the decades-old requirement that state workers must wait at least six months after starting a new job before they can take vacation.

The bill, sponsored by Rep Laurie Dolan (D) from Olympia, would remove that requirement. It would amend the Revised Code of Washington to allow all new employees who work for the state to be allowed under certain circumstances to take vacation within the first six months.

The bill would place provisions in the worker's 'contract' that would allow for vacation time within the first six months.  We're pretty sure some folks in the private sector would like their employer to allow them to do the same.  We will see what happens with this one as it proceeds through Committee.

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