It went from being a quiet night in Prosser to a car exploding and mass drugs, and evidence hidden 'inside' a female suspect.

Around 7pm Monday night, officers were called to the ShopKo on Wine County Road about an alleged theft. The suspect car was located, but refused to pull over. The suspects then led Prosser police and other agencies on a chase on the Interstate towards Sunnyside, with speeds ranging between 75 and 100 mph.

A check of the plates revealed the car was reported stolen out of Yakima a week ago. The suspect driver then sped into Sunnyside, driving on the wrong side of the street. After police laid down spike strips, the car then lost control and hit four other vehicles. The four suspects inside, who's identities were not released, were taken into custody, but not before one of them, a female, had to be dragged from the car just before it exploded in flames.

The suspects are all from Yakima county, and inside their car police found pouches of Heroin, a meth pipe and numerous other drug related items. The female also had drug pouches hidden in certain 'private part' areas and had to be removed. The driver was also arrested facing DUI and outstanding warrants.

Now the car will be searched for additional evidence. That was quite the night in Prosser...!

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