Many critics say it smacks of a self-serving, public relations stunt; designed to make his supporters on the left happy.  He's actually serious about it.

Gov. Jay Inslee issued a memo forbidding any non-essential, state-funded travel by small or large executive level committee or other such officials to Indiana.

The state recently signed into law it's own version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which essentially mirrors the federal law.  It defends a person's right to exercise their own beliefs.  It's been used at the federal level to defend people's right to smoke or consume peyote,  to allow Seventh-Day Adventists to get unemployment benefits even though they refused to work on Saturdays against their beliefs, and it's protected Muslims who've violated business dress codes. 31 other states have similar such laws.

As we stated earlier this week, apparently it's ok for Inslee to ban travel to another state over a well-established and accepted law, but he won't pass up trips to China for business purposes - despite that nations deplorable record on human rights and treatment of it's citizens.

But because the law doesn't specifically "ban" discrimination against same-sex persons, Inslee claims it's discriminatory.  There isn't specific language in the bill, even though Indiana already has Consumer Protection Laws in place similar to ours (Arlene's Flowers case in point). These laws prohibit discrimination against same-sex persons or couples.

Here's his memo issued to state cabinet and department officials: