Kennewick Police Department made an early morning DUI arrest on Clover Island on Sunday Morning. An erratic driver was found passed out in their vehicle on Clover Island after police received a call from concerned citizens.

In a report filed by the Kennewick Police Department, here is how the incident happened:

Officers got a call reference a reckless vehicle on Sunday Morning. The vehicle was driving erratically and the caller believed the driver was intoxicated. Officers located the vehicle parked at the Clover Island boat launch.

The driver, Cecilia Mares-Rodriguez, was passed out with the vehicle still running. Officers tried to wake Mares-Rodriguez by using sirens, air horns, pounding on the windows, and shaking the vehicle but she would not wake up.

Due to the position, the driver was in officers were worried about positional asphyxiation. Medics were called to the scene. Mares-Rodriguez’s breathing became labored so officers broke the passenger window to access her. She was transported by ambulance to The hospital for possible alcohol poisoning.

While at the hospital officers got a warrant for Mares-Rodriguez’s blood. Once she was medically cleared, Mares-Rodriguez was booked into the Benton County Jail on the charge of DUI.

Rodriguez is facing DUI charges and you can read more details about the arrest here.

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