This isn't a joke, it's real!  Seattle to peek in your dumpster, to see if you're throwing away food or compostable materials!   If you are, it's a ticket!

This all began in January,  the ramp up started in July, and now that October is here,  Seattle garbage collectors are being used as the "heavies" for the City.

They have been instructed, according to ShiftWA, to take a "cursory" or "casual" look at what comes out of your dumpster when it's emptied into the collection truck.

According to Shift WA:

Residents and businesses whose trash includes more than 10 percent of “food waste or certain paper products will receive a warning from the start of the year until the end of June.” then, the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will begin to issue fines.


According to the Seattle Times, private residents whose trash contains more than 10% compostable items will receive a $1 fine on their next garbage bill. Apartment buildings and businesses—their dumpsters will be inspected on a random basis—have two warnings before they receive a fine. A third violation would result in a $50 fine.

A $50 fine for not "recycling" or composting?  Wow!   The Seattle City recycle Nazis apparently are in full force on the city council.   Now, if certain restrictions were placed due to limitations of the city landfill capabilities, and these were confined to certain large items that are not normally thrown away, we could perhaps understand this.  But leftover food and garbage from meals?  This includes paper garbage as well...and the stuff you would toss from that weekend barbeque.

We have an idea, Seattle residents.  Since Halloween is on the way,  perhaps rig your dumpster with a mannequin painted up to look rather "real", and see if the garbage police notice when it looks like a body falls out of your dumpster and into the collection truck.

Or, maybe save up all the presents your dog leaves in the yard, box it up, and deliver it to the Seattle City Council Chamber and let them "compost" it for you.    Just a thought, since they're so into recycling...




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