The Richland Riders Club's Treasurer has been charged with embezzling as much as $117,000 over the last eight years.

Katrine L. Smith voluntarily turned herself in and police started to sift through the books for the last eight years.

The Richland Riders Club is a group that sponsors, organizes and hosts equestrian events for riders in the Tri-Cities.

Smith was appointed Treasurer in 2011. Smith admitted to stealing $38,000 from the Club but Police have uncovered up to $117,000 in missing funds.

Smith wrote several hundred checks to herself labeled "bookkeeping" and "taxes".

She also wrote checks to herself without any memo attached and deposited all the checks into her personal account.

Smith will be charged with 1st-degree theft and she is due to be arraigned on September 26th.

You can check out more details on the story here. 


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