Richland police are seeking the ID these two guys, the fellow on the left with the 'musing' looking appearance is accused of stealing items from a "local hardware store" on October 14th.  Police didn't say which store. He allegedly concealed them in his coat and walked out, he seems to be trying to look very casual.

The other suspect, backwards hat man, allegedly stole several bottles of alcohol from Walgreens on George Washington Way, believed to be on October 13th.

Anyone with any information or who knows who they are, please call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

People often wonder why store personnel don't try more to detain these people, it's because of safety and liability. Many stores have a termination clause if you confront or attempt to detain a shoplifter, especially if the store doesn't have loss prevention officers in place.  Most workers don't have the training to defuse or safely confront thieves, and (it's sad) but some suspects who've suffered even minor injuries in scuffles have tried to sue the store and workers.


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