Umatilla County Sheriff's are seeking the suspect, possibly two, who assaulted and maced a convenience store worker as they were leaving work at the end of the night.

Authorities say Monday night the worker had closed up their shift, and was leaving the Sinclair gas station on Highway 11 near Milton Freewater around 10:20pm.

The worker reports the suspect yelled at them, and when they turned to look, the person sprayed them in the face with mace. They then knocked the worker to the ground, stealing their keys to the store, night drop, their wallet and phone.

Sheriff's describe the suspect as a 6' foot tall white male, probably 200lbs, wearing a black hoodie and black bandanna with a skull logo covering his face. The second suspect was 5'10" male,stocky, wearing a brown hooded jacket and blue jeans.

The two left in a silver or tan midsize SUV, looking very much like a Ford Explorer, with a very loud muffler--probably due to a hole in the exhaust system, according to


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