The robots will be controlled remote by users "from the comfort of their home" say museum officials.

The Tate Britain museum is believed to be the first in the world to implement a totally automated robotic security system.

When in place, a series of robots will patrol the interior of the building.  The inventors, Tommaso Lanza, Ross Cairns, and David de Duca, won a 10,000 pound (British equivalent of our dollar) prize, and an annual 60,000 pound budget.  That would roughly equate to about $20,000 and $120,000 U.S. dollars. They were the winners of an annual contest called the IK Prize, that seeks to reward digital and engineering developers and creators.

The robots will be equipped with sensors, and cameras that will allow them to scan and patrol every area of the large museum.

No specific details about the size or design of the robots was released.  We kinda hope they wind up looking like the metal monsters from the Terminator movie series! That would just about guarantee NOBODY would ever steal anything from the museum!

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