We're really hoping they catch these guys, and I bet Sheriff John Turner is too.  Pictured is the 'real' John Turner.

Walla Walla County Sheriff's officials continue to warn the public about a scam that's been going around for a couple of days. It's a twist on the old 'you've missed jury duty and you're going to jail' scheme.

People in the area are getting calls from someone who identified themselves as "Sheriff Turner," as in John Turner, the Sheriff of Walla Walla County. They're told unless they go buy 4 $500 prepaid money pack cards, they're going to jail. If they bite on the scheme, they are then transferred to a "Deputy Cook," who says before the person goes to the jail to drop off the cards, he can start 'processing' them.

He gets all the financial data from the cards, which apparently the access numbers allow them to be used or cashed in.

Sheriff Turner and his officials stress, yes, this is a scam. Chances are, if Sheriff Turner and his men wanted you, you'd know it and you would probably already be in jail.

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