Could be in a few months, or years, your kids won't want  to have 'hot lunch' anymore.

In the latest efforts to preach to American parents about how poorly their children eat, and how out of shape they are,  First Lady Michelle Obama has now teamed up with the School Nutrition Association for what is called The Chefs Move To Schools program.  If you haven't been closely monitoring your child's school lunch program, here's a slice of information from the program, courtesy of the SNA press release:

"Approximately 3,400 chefs and 3,350 schools across the nation have signed up for the program to date. Together, chefs and schools have developed gardens, introduced salad bars to cafeterias, created healthier school meal recipes, hosted educational demonstrations and empowered kids with the knowledge they need to make healthy decisions. "
  The SNA was founded in 1946, and consists of approximately 55,000 school nutrition professionals across the country.   While almost no one would be against healthy eating for school children,  since the arrival of the Obamas in the White House,  the First Lady has been waging an almost incessant war on many of the traditional foods American schoolchildren eat.   We at Newstalk 870 remember years ago when Thursdays in the Mid Columbia at many schools was the best day, because it was chili and cinnamon roll day.   Kids would trade almost anything for your hot lunch ticket  just to have some of that fare!    Well, with such programs as Chefs Move to Schools,  chili and cinnamon rolls and a half pint of milk on a cold winters day will soon be a thing of the past; if not already gone.