The parent company that owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and four other major chains, has announced major changes in childrens menus.

"Encouraged" by Michelle Obama and the White House, and their efforts to change our dietary habits (because apparently they know what's best for us and our children)  Darden Restaurants incorporated has announced significant changes to childrens fare.   Now, if you visit one of these establishments, if your child wants french fries, they will have to ask for them. Meals will automatically come with sides of fruit or vegetables, as Darden follows the lead of McDonalds and other restaurants, who began pushing 'healthy' kids meals by eliminating sodas and fries--replacing them with items such as fruit, yogurt and more.  Critics point out that while eating healthy IS important, it is NOT the Federal Government's job to encourage or pressure private sector food providers to change menus, modify long-standing food offerings to what the Fed's (or Michelle Obama) think is good for people.  The Obama Administration has been critized since almost day one for 'meddling' with what is often referred to as food freedom. In fact, Michelle Obama herself profited from holding a position on the board of Treehouse Foods, a company that makes the very type of snack products she is trying to get everyone's childrens to quit eating. Conservative Columnist Michelle Malkin took Ms. Obama to task over that.  Obama's position on the board paid off in tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to her husband for his Illinois Senate Campaign.