As the Pasco Police said in their news report on social media, "NO winners here." This case is shocking and sad. You can see from the expression on Officer Kevin Frantz's face this is some of the worst kind of things police have to deal with.

Just after midnight, early Wednesday morning, police responded to disturbance report at the Rodeway Inn, reportedly a woman screaming at the top of her lungs at a child.

When police arrived, the found a hysterical woman, who told officers her child was possessed by demons, and the mom wanted her "gone, out of her life, she was done with her."

Police said the woman was actually so ballistic and hostile towards the child they feared for the little girl's safety. They contacted Child Protective Services (CPS) placed the girl in protective custody, and she was taken to a home where she could sleep at least for one night.

After further investigation, the woman ended up being arrested and going to jail on a misdemeanor charge. Police didn't say if the charge had anything to do with the child.

We will try to update this story when more information becomes available. The mother's name was not released.

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