The situation began when Adams County and Othello Police began investigating allegations of odometer rollbacks in vehicles sold last fall in Adams County and Othello. Franklin County Sheriff's Investigators joined the case in March.

  Tips led to investigation into vehicles with rolled back odometers being sold for more money

The ACSO and FCSO say it actually began late last fall, when they were made aware that several vehicles sold through a private party, using online advertising, had their odometers illegally tampered with.  The suspect(s) allegedly rolled back the miles, so they could charge a higher price for a much lower-mileage used vehicle.

  Authorities first arrested Reynaldo "Rey" Valdez Garza Jr. on the Othello allegations, Then during a recent search or raid on one of the locations where the vehicles were being sold at a residence in Franklin County, Terry Cissne was taken into custody.

   Officials now suspect the fraud went back months, possibly even years.

Wednesday, April 10th, The FCSO and ACSO released information indicating if anyone in the region purchased a vehicle from either Ray or Teresa Garza via Facebook Marketplace, or from Terry Cissne or the Eltopia Auto Plaza, they may be victims of odometer fraud.  The two locations where the vehicles were sold were 13114 North Glade Road, Eltopia, in Franklin County, or The Eltopia Auto Plaza at 4270 Frontier Road, Pasco.

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Anyone who has purchased a vehicle from these vendors is urged to call the FCSO at (509)-545-3501, or the ACSO at (509)-488-2061.

The investigation continues. Authorities did not release any information about how many affected vehicles have been sold.

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