You had to know this was coming. Now, legal action is being urged against the ticket brokers who ended up selling seats to the Big Game in Phoenix out from under thousands of fans.

There's been numerous reports from not only the Mid-Columbia and Pacific Northwest, but all over the country, about fans who had paid for tickets to see Seattle and New England duke it out February 1st. Most had received confirmations from second and third-party ticket internet ticket brokers.

But thousands of fans were left outside in the parking lot after their tickets were "re-sold" to higher bidders, so the brokers could avoid potential sales losses. A number of them were from the Mid-Columbia. While most of them were reimbursed for the cost of the tickets, they were still out gas or air fare and lodging they spent to get to Phoenix.

Monday, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued the following press release:

"Dealing with a heartbreaking Super Bowl loss is bad enough. But we’ve also heard reports of fans buying tickets from brokers, only to find out the brokers did not even have the tickets they purported to sell. Not only were these fans unable to attend the game, but they were also out hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars for the cost of airfare and accommodations.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson reminds Seahawks fans that if this happened to them, they should contact the Attorney General’s Office and file a complaint. The office will review all complaints to determine whether individual brokers’ actions violated Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act.  
To file a consumer complaint, visit and click the “Consumer Complaint” button, or call 1-800-551-4636 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday."   (Bold lettering added for emphasis).
 Not everyone in the state has the highest view of AG Ferguson due to certain lawsuits he is involved in (Arlene's Flowers and others) but no one will dispute that his office pursues it's cases with the tenacity of a pit bull.  If they proceed, we wouldn't want to be one of those ticket brokers.

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