If a bill in Olympia gets approved, Seattle football (and Sounders soccer) fans will be able to display their support on license plates.

Similar to what was done a few years ago with the Seattle Mariners, you would be able to pay $40 for Seahawks or Sounders plates plus an annual renewal fee of $30. According to Northwest Cable News:

Some proceeds from the Sounders plates will go to the Association of Washington Generals to develop educational, veterans, international relations, and civic projects. Some of the money will also support a nonprofit to increase the number of young mentors in Washington. Funds from the Seahawks plates would benefit the nonprofit InvestED to encourage secondary students who have economic needs to stay in school or return to school."

If the bill passes, the new plates would be available Jan. 1, 2014. Unfortunately for Seahawk fans, that's after the 2013 season is over.

No rendition of what the plates would look like is available yet, but it's predicted the plates would feature the Seahawks helmet logo.

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