At the bequest of controversial Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, the State Supreme Court has ruled, or upheld, a delay in the implementation of $30 car tabs.

After I-976 was passed overwhelmingly by voters earlier in November, Gov. Inslee put most transportation projects funded by the state on hold, a move viewed by many critics as 'punishing' voters.

Then King County, the Association of Washington Cities, and the City of Seattle announced plans they would file legal suits, seeking to overturn the initiative. They claimed it was improperly worded, issues with the title of the initiative, etc.

Numerous legal briefs and even suits have been filed by supporters of the $30 tabs in an effort to force their implementation, it was supposed to have been today, December 5th. Many in Olympia say this isn't just about car tabs, but the latest battle in the multi-year war between AG Ferguson, and Initiative 'king' Tim Eyman, who have locked horns for nearly a decade.

With the Supreme Court ruling, there's no telling how long this will drag out. The court ruled as long as the legal proceedings for/against it are still in play, it will be delayed.

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