Signs have been put up around town, social media utilized, and police are helping as well, But so far, no signs of the Wapato husband and father who just 'vanished' nearly 3 weeks ago.

According to reports Jose Canales of Wapato has not been seen or heard from since July 6th. The married father of 7 was last reported at a store called La Guadalupana, where he cashed a paycheck. He told a worker there he was going to be back at work the next day, which was a Saturday, but he never showed up. The restaurtant/store is located in nearby Harrah, WA which is nearly 9 miles from Wapato.  it is reportedly a popular place for people to cash paychecks, especially since many of the workers and staff are Hispanic.

A missing person's report has been filed with the Yakima County Sheriff's Department, but no leads so far. The search continues.


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