Franklin and Adams County Sheriff's along with other law enforcement agencies, combed an area recently where they hoped to find the body of a woman they believe is a homicide victim.

It's been almost two weeks since 54-year-old Estella Torres Rodriguez was reported missing in the early morning hours of March 28th.  She was last seen at her North Franklin County home.

Authorities are searching for her estranged husband, Tiburcio Larios Rodriguez and son Clemente Rodriguez-Torres, who are suspects. Sheriff's still have not given specific details as to what they believe happened due to the ongoing investigation, but have said evidence strongly leads to them treating this as a homicide.

The area they recently searched was an 8-square mile area south of State Route 260 between Blanton and Fishook-Elgine Roads. Estella's 2006 white Buck Rendevous was found abandoned a few days after her disappearance at the Rest Stop near the junction between Highway 395 and Highway 26. That was five days after her disappearance.

Since then authorities say they believe the two suspects have shaved their facial hair, and could likely be driving Tiburcio's Yellow Dodge Ram pickup.

The search for Estella's body has been suspended for how, still no word if any leads on the suspects.

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