A song comes on. You can't remember who it's by or what the title is. You think, "A-HA! There's an app for that!" You bust out your Shazam app, click it, and within seconds it tells you what the song is! The Shazam app inspired an awesome summer game show called Beat Shazam, and if you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out! It's so much fun! This summer Beat Shazam has been back for it's second season. The show stars Oscar/Grammy/Golden Globe winner Jamie Foxx as the host! His daughter Corinne Foxx joined this season as the DJ. Three teams of two compete against each other, trying to identify hit songs faster than each other to get the chance to play against Shazam. If they get to the final round they've got a chance to win $1 million!

Well, to add to the fun this season, you'll see two faces you may recognize! Raleigh from Hot 97.5 and Stacy Lee from 98.3 The Key are going to be on the Season Finale!!! That's right, Tri-Cities will be represented on national TV! The episode airs Tuesday, September 18th at 8pm on Fox, and yes, there will be a viewing party (stay tuned for details). Will they beat Shazam? You'll have to tune in to find out! And in the meantime you've got to watch the show Tuesdays 8pm on Fox because you can play along to win $10,000 for yourself! So get ready to cheer them on, and play along with Beat Shazam! Check the photos below and the tutorial on how to play along to win money! Think YOU can Beat Shazam? Play along and find out!


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