Snohomish County, WA sheriff's are seeking two men believed to be linked to the disappearance of a an Arlington, WA couple, and police believe they are dead. Based upon forensic evidence found in two vehicles belonging to the missing man and woman, authorities believe they've been murdered.

According to reports, and, military veteran Patrick Shunn and his wife Monique Patenaude went missing April 11, then their vehicles were found in a wooded area near Oso, WA.  Friends and neighbors called police to report them missing, in part because they noticed their animals and property had not been attended to for several days. The neighbors said it was very unlike the two to just 'vanish' like that. The two vehicles were found some 200 feet down an embankment and had significant damage.

After finding their vehicles, Snohomish County sheriff's said, according to Fox News, there was sufficient forensic evidence to strongly suggest they are were murdered.

The suspects, brothers John and Tony Reed, had reportedly been involved in a property dispute with the couple. Police say the two men are considered extremely dangerous, and should not be confronted. The search has expanded statewide, after a vehicle belonging to John Reed (on left in picture) was found abandoned in Ellensburg, WA, several hundred miles away.

Also, surveillance video from the couple's home showing the two reportedly disposing of the couple's vehicles was found.

Both brothers have felony records, Tony Reed (with beard in picture) has over three dozen brushes with the law, including domestic violence and assault charges. They may be armed, and are considered dangerous, say officials.


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