August 12, Seattle School District students will find out if they're starting school in class, or on a computer.

Seattle School District Superintendent Denise Juneau has released a statement this week saying in effect they cannot image how they can open schools, given the "trajectory" of COVID cases in King County.

August 12, the school board will vote on a proposal whether to have students start at home on computers rather than utilize their school buildings.

This could perhaps set a precedent for other Districts across the state. According to revised totals from a recent Newstalk 870 Facebook online survey, 76% of respondents in the Mid-Columbia (Benton Franklin Counties) want in-class school if at all possible this fall, even if masks and dividers and other safety precautions are deemed necessary.

At least in our area, those who do not want in class school favor the distance program (22 percent). Only a handful would be OK with a mix of in class and home education, saying it would be a logistical nightmare.

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