We thought just making threats against the president, a major party's  nominee, or any other public official these days is at least worthy of an investigation and/or criminal charges. But I guess it depends on which nominee gets threatened.

The Weekly Standard and the website Twitchy are reporting the Secret Service appears to just now be addressing a flood of Twitter messages that exploded after the second presidential debate on Oct. 16. Twitchy reports the flood of messages ranged from people saying they were planning to kill Romney, urging someone to do so, or even offering to bail someone out of jail for doing it.

The Examiner first began offering detailed coverage of the Twitter threats. Despite extensive coverage by Glenn Beck's "The Blaze,"  The Examiner -- even the controversial "Infowars" by Alex Jones -- the mainstream media has largely been silent on the issue. Back on Oct. 9, noted black Conservative author Dr. Thomas Sowell said on the Larry Elder Show (heard on KABC in Los Angeles) the nation needed to be prepared for potential racial unrest if Obama loses to Romney in November. He warned of threats from, for example, the New Black Panthers. They are the group the government refused to prosecute for alleged voter intimidation in 2008.

A Federal Way, WA, man sent an email to the FBI in August threatening to kill the president. Now 31-year-old Anton Caluori is facing federal charges. His email sounded very similar in language and tone to the thousands of Tweets threatening Romney:

  • Caluori's threat: "I will kill the president. I don't give a f*** but you know that."
  • Cynthia (@KushInvader) from Oct. 17: "I'm gona murder romney— "
  • Weston Sebree (@WestonSebree) from Oct. 7: "I'm gonna murder Romney right now-"

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent for Obama, said Monday on the "Sean Hannity Show" that threatening Romney is obviously illegal and each one needs to be investigated -- and that they are very time consuming.

Perhaps the Secret Service are poring over Twitter records to locate and investigate many of the people  and are keeping quiet about it. But the lack of information, lack of widespread media coverage (outside of Conservative talk radio and the Internet), and silence from the government could lead one to believe the threats are not being addressed in the same manner as those against Obama.