We understand the role that robots and other technology can play in life, especially if the technology allows them to adequately perform their tasks. But we couldn't stop laughing about this one.

According to CBS Local TV in Washington D.C., a robot security guard 'drowned' in a fountain Monday, the result of taking a tumble while on patrol.

Reports indicate the robot, named "Steve" by it's handlers, was on patrol in an area called Washington Harbour. It's a complex in nearby Georgetown that is home to restaurants and offices.

Officials say the security robot, being used by MRP Realty who oversees the area, fell down a flight of four steps and into a fountain. The water obviously didn't agree with it's electronics and circuitry, and it shorted out.

Officials say the security device was welcome by many who work or frequent the area, others described him as creepy. The manufacturer says it was an important step in robotic security technology, while critics say it again points out that you can't replace humans with robots when it comes to everything. Ironically, Steve was examining, mapping and programming the area he was going to be patrolling when he "drowned."

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