We all have places where we drive that do a great job of making us gnash our teeth. THIS is one of them!

As the Tri-Cities grows, so does the need for traffic revisions and changes. What were once seldom traveled roads soon become busy, and intersections not only become frustrating but even dangerous.

Here's one of those, 28th and Lewis in Pasco. It's the first light as you come off the Blue Bridge northbound into the city. The issue isn't with east-west traffic, that's fairly well controlled.

The REAL issue is with north-south. The intersection, as many of you know, does NOT have left hand turn signal lights. Many drivers use "A" street to get from one of town to the other, and travel down 28th to get there.

The light sequence is preferential to east-west traffic, very short, and without turn arrow lights, it's not uncommon for 7, 8 even a dozen vehicles to stack up both ways. Most commonly, a car turning east onto Lewis or west onto the freeway has to wait for long lines of cars going straight.

By the time traffic moves by, and you can turn, the light's already yellow-and bingo! You're still stuck there though another light cycle. It's not unusual to watch cars ahead of you sit through as many as THREE light cycles before they get a chance to turn.

The intersection is busiest from early afternoon until at least 6pm. Compounding matters are the school bus stops by the Flamingo Village mobile home park. These long streams of cars stopped for the kids then get stacked up at the intersection.

It's our strong suggestion the City of Pasco invest in a set of left-turn signals for 28th and Lewis, as it will increase safety. The intersection has seen it's fair share of accidents as well.