Most of us, on a regular day, would have a difficult time kicking or breaking down a dead bolted door. But when it's two guys fighting about a woman, that can change.

Kennewick police continue to investigate a domestic violence call from March 4, that occurred near 10th and Morain.

10th and Morain Kennewick (Google Street view)

Two men are now in the Benton County jail on a mix of charges including felony assault, possession of a firearm and domestic violence.

Police say 32-year-old Marcus Arevalo and 37-year-old Ramon Aguilar are the two men taken into custody, apparently fighting over their 'relationship' with an unnamed 32-year old female.

Fortunately, police say she is ok, and was not seriously harmed. But the damage done during the altercation is startling, especially the broken down door.   The other image shows a gun and knife confiscated after the incident.  We're pretty sure the curling iron was incidental.

Weapons seized in domestic violence incident (Kennewick police)