Did you know dozens of products used around the world, are built right here in the Mid-Columbia?

September 25-26 at TRAC in Pasco, the 2013 SMARTMAP Expo will bring you the Magic of Manufacturing! Everything from digital, industrial, food, wine and more.  If it's built, it's part of manufacturing.

Some 140 vendors will have display booths and information, including Newstalk 870, one of the sponsors.   Some fascinating digital and industrial displays will be on hand, some allowing you to get hands-on experience with these processes.

If you're a business owner, come see how these products could enhance and help your company.   The Magic of Manufacturing comes to TRAC in Pasco, September 25-25th.   For details and more information visit the official SMARTMAP website for a complete look at this exciting event!

A big thanks to TRIDEC for their work in putting on this event.

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