Senator Jim Honeyford, one of the more powerful legislators in the State Senate, who is from Sunnyside, is demanding the Department of Corrections develop and prove they have a quarantine plan in place before they begin releasing any of Inslee's "950".

Inslee, in an effort to battle COVID-19 in prisons, wants to release up to 950 "non violent" offenders early.  Most of them are within 2-3 months of their release dates or sooner, but it's set off a political firestorm with the public.

One of the unanswered questions from the DOC is, will these people be tested and shown they don't have COVID?

Part of Honeyford's release read as follows:

"...Honeyford voiced concerns that Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to release hundreds of inmates without having such plans in place is reckless and shortsighted.

 “Governor Inslee and DOC made a hasty decision to release these inmates due to a court ruling that forced them to act quickly – perhaps too quickly,” said Honeyford. “State facilities are better equipped to enforce social distancing and address the housing, medical and psychological needs of inmates; yet the current DOC strategy is to put these people out on the street and back into our communities without a plan. Many will have no home to self-isolate at and could pose a risk to the public should they become or are already infected with coronavirus."

     “Having a plan in place before they are released is not only a necessity, but basic common sense.”

   No word yet on any response from DOC on this issue.

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