Obama tells everyone the White House is closed due to Secret Service budget cuts.   Flyovers and airshow performances by Air Force and Navy jets have been cut,  and almost daily we're hit with new sequester related issues.

But that hasn't stopped Obama's daughters from vacationing during their spring break at a posh resort in the Bahamas. Breitbart TV has confirmed through multiple sources Sasha and Milia Obama are indeed staying at the Atlantis Resort in the island paradise.

No acknowledgement was made of the vacation by any White House source,  but tips began pouring into Breitbart earlier this week.  Numerous social media pictures indeed show the daughters around the resort, including the Club Crush area, designed for teenagers 13-17 years of age.

Because no "official" release of the vacation was made, the exact cost to taxpayers is not yet known.  But pictures at Breitbart's website show an extensive motorcade for the girls, and extensive Secret Service protection.

By comparison, last year Malia's vacation to Mexico during spring break from the private Sidwell Friend's School cost taxpayers $115,500.87.   It is not known if Michelle Obama is there with the girls, or if she will join them.  The White House,  Atlantis Resort, and Secret Service refused to comment on the vacation, saying they don't release such information due to privacy issues.