In a nutshell, nothing was solved.

At this week's County Commissioner's meeting, Sheriff Jerry Hatcher met with Commissioners face to face for the first time since they took the jail away from him.

Shon Small and Jim Beaver were present, Jerome Delvin not present but did participate via call-in.  Citing what they felt were issues with how the jail was being run and allegations of abuse and domestic violence against Sheriff Hatcher, the Commissioners voted 2-1 to take jail control away from the Sheriff a number of weeks ago.

This weeks meeting was an attempt to discuss the future of the facility, but Hatcher come out of it saying there was a lack of transparency in how it was done because it was done almost "overnight." Commissioner Small, who was the lone dissenting vote in the jail removal, said was not as constructive as he hoped it would be.

Another workshop meeting is scheduled next week to talk about the future of jail operations.

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