In the ongoing 'war' between Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher and the County, now comes this.

Hatcher has filed a $4 million dollar tort claim against the County, claiming the following, among a variety of issues:

(Certain County Officials) "have violated the County Anti-Harassment/discrimination policy or have used a double standard in enforcing the policy, County Officials have failed to follow the law, uphold their oath of office and in some case violated various laws of the state of Washington". 

Hatcher has been battling the county since at least October of 2019 when domestic issues resulted in him being accused of abuse concerning a fight he had with his estranged wife.

The county issued a counter statement that read in part:

"While the County’s standard procedure is to not comment on pending litigation or administrative claims, we recognize that Sheriff Hatcher’s claim against the County is a highly unusual event and therefore potentially of significant public interest and that, as such, a response is necessary. The County does not, in any way, agree with Sheriff Hatcher’s claims or believe that said claims hold any merit."

County officials went on to say they will counter any claims the Sheriff makes if he files a lawsuit, and they say it will be up to the voters of Benton County in August to determine if he is to be recalled or not.

Ballots will be going out to voters, to get the recall to citizens the petitioners had to gather enough signatures to equal 25% of the votes Hatcher received in the last election. They did so, the margin being about 1,000 or so more than needed.

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