According to the Adams County Sheriff, search warrants were served earlier Thursday on a farm on Gering Road, not far from Ritzville, WA.  Quite the operation they discovered.

With assistance from Moses Lake PD, the Feds, Grant County Sheriff's and others, Adams county officials raided the property, complete with the SWAT and tanks, and found at least 2,500 illegal pot plants.

They are being confiscated, the area still being searched. Few other details released, but officials say three people have been arrested. Their identities not yet released. More information expected soon.

One person who posted on social media said whoever did this wasn't too smart. They said they used to own that land, and it's not that far from where some law enforcement officials live.  It's possible the grow was spotted from the air. Suspects often try to hide such activities from view on roads by locating them well inside farms. But unless they're planted 'inside' another crop, they are easier to spot from the air.

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