Incumbent seemingly had the election sewn up, then....

As ballots continue to be counted, challenger Kshama Sawant has pulled ahead of 16-year incumbent Richard Conlin.

Now, the margin is only 41 votes.

There are still 12 percent of the ballots left, but some Seattle political experts are predicting a huge swing in Sawant's favor. The district Conlin represented includes the liberal Capitol Hill and Central District of Seattle.

A former software engineer and social activist, she is currently teaching economics at Seattle Central Community College. Her work even attracted the attention of Forbes Magazine, who ran an article entitled,  "Why is Seattle Socialist Kshama Sawant Allowed to Teach Economics?"

Sawant is a wildly outspoken critic of capitalism, so much so that the Forbe's piece says allowing her to teach economics is like allowing an AIDS-denier to teach medical courses, or a 9/11 Truther to teach a foreign policy course! And yet, she is on the verge of winning a seat on the Seattle City Council!

Courtesy of Laughing at Liberal on Youtube, we present a violent, bizarre anti-capitalist rant she spewed at a Treyvon Martin rally July 20 in Seattle. In the video she claims the following:

The Capitalist system itself... Is at the root of racism, hatred, and fear of black people, people of color, of poor people. We need to... put on trial capitalism itself".